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How to unlock the scooter?

Ensure your Bluetooth and internet are turned on and you are next to the scooter. In the app, swipe on the ‘swipe to unlock’ button. This should unlock the scooter and the odometer should turn on.


How to start the scooter?

Post successful unlock, the scooter will automatically turn on. All you have to do is to turn on the ignition switch on the right side of the handlebar and accelerate slowly without holding any breaks


How to pause my ride?

You can pause your ride in the Bounce app by clicking on the ‘Lock’ option on the home screen while on a ride.


How to end my ride?

You can end your ride in the Bounce app by clicking on the ‘End trip’ option on the home screen once you’ve arrived at your destination.


How to cancel a booking?

You can cancel your ride before you unlock the scooter. Please click on the ‘Cancel’ option next to the ‘Change of plans?’ and choose a reason for cancellation.

How do I access the trunk?

The trunk can be accessed by an access button provided under the neck of the scooter underneath the handlebar. The trunk can be accessed only during the trip.


Where can I drop off the scooter?

You can drop off the scooter anywhere within the Bounce service limits. Please ensure that you are parking in a public parking area

My scooter isn’t starting. What should I do?

Ensure that the scooter is unlocked from the app (Refer to ‘How to unlock the scooter’). Press the power/ignition button on the right side of the handlebar. Accelerate slowly without holding the breaks. If the scooter doesn’t move, we request you to contact us via the app's help section


My scooter broke down midway. What should I do?

Ensure that the breaks are released completely. Press on the ignition button again and accelerate slowly without holding the breaks. If there is no response from the scooter, please contact us via the app’s help section

How can I pay for my ride?

You have multiple options to pay for your ride including Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, UPI, net banking, etc. You can also use Bounce wallet to pay for your rides instantly.

Q-What is Bounce wallet?

Bounce wallet can be used to pay for your rides and purchase short-term rental packs. You can load your wallet with the denominations available in the app and use it for your rides. Please note that Bounce wallet cash is non-refundable and not redeemable.

What is ‘Pay after ride’?

‘Pay after ride’ is an option to pay for a ride after you complete it. You will have to pay before you take your next ride. You will need to deposit Rs. 100 to unlock this feature. Please note that the security deposit cannot be used to pay for your rides, and you can withdraw the same any time you wish to.

What is Bounce rewards?

You can use your rewards to pay for your rides (50% redeemable up to Rs. 50). You may earn rewards through the referrals or with our exciting coupons that can be applied while you book a ride.

I was charged incorrectly for a ride. How do I get a clarification?

Our billing systems are automated, and we charge based only on the distance and time consumed for the ride. If you find any abnormalities, please visit the ‘Your rides’ section on the app, choose the booking, click on ‘I was incorrectly billed’ and write to us. Our support team will help you with the same.

I am unable to find the scooter in the location. What should I do?

We urge all our users to park their scooters in a public parking area. At times, scooters may be parked in private parking areas. If you do not find the scooter in the location shown in your app, we request you to contact us so we can help you further.

Is there a speed limit while riding the scooter?

All our fleet are electric scooters, and they are tuned to ride at a safe speed. However, we also have low-speed scooters (Registration with BN series) which ride at 25 kmph, are handy for short trips and some of them don’t require helmets.

What do I do in case of a flat tire/tire puncture during my ride?

We would request you to end the trip immediately and share the feedback about the same while ending the trip. Please contact us in case of any assistance.

What are the documents that need to be submitted before taking the scooter?

All scooters are only available once you complete your KYC which includes uploading a valid driver’s license and completing your profile. .

Is there an age limit to rent the scooters?

Yes, the user has to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to rent a scooter

What are hourly rentals?

With Bounce hourly rentals you can book a scooter on an hourly basis. Keep your scooter as long as you like while making multiple stops. You can go for a long ride, visit friends, go shopping and more with a single pack! Please check your app for the best prices.

Where can I pick up the scooter from?

You can select your nearest/preferred pick-up location while booking your ride.

Where can I drop off the scooter?

You can drop off the scooter in any public parking area once your trip or pack duration is complete.

Is there a deposit that I have to pay to rent the scooter?

No deposit is required at the moment for hourly rental packs.

Can I take the scooter out of the service limits with an hourly rental pack?

Yes, you can take the scooter out of our service limits with an hourly rental pack. However, we request you to get the scooter back within the city limits while ending the trip.

Can I book a scooter with a lesser range than the pack's benefit?

– We recommend you book a scooter that has a greater range than the pack’s benefits.

What are the charges if I exceed the pack benefits?

What are the charges if I exceed the pack benefits?

Can I get a refund if I utilize partial benefits of the pack?

No, the pack is non-refundable once the trip starts, even if it’s partially used.

I booked a scooter with hourly rentals, but I am unable to find it in the location.

Please contact us for support in finding the scooter. If you do not find the scooter in the location, you can cancel the booking and the pack will be auto refunded to your source account

Will I get a refund if the scooter has any problems during the middle of the trip?

Please contact us for assistance with the scooter troubleshooting. Our support team will also help you with the refund (if applicable)

If I pause my ride, will the pause time be considered as a part of the pack benefits?

Yes, the pause duration will also be considered. You can now make multiple stops during your trip without any additional charges.

Can I apply discounts on hourly rental packs?

Yes, you can apply discounts. Please look at the eligible and ongoing coupons available in the coupon tray while booking your scooter

Can I buy an hourly rental pack with Bounce cash/using Bounce wallet money?

- Yes you can utilize your Bounce cash and buy any of the hourly rental packs.

Can I apply my reward points while buying an hourly rental pack?

- No, reward points cannot be used to purchase hourly rental packs

What is the cancellation policy?

We provide a full refund against cancellation, up to X minutes after the booking.

What is Bounce club?

You can become a part of Bounce club by purchasing a Bounce club pass. Members get incredible discounts, offers, and exclusive privileges. You can save on every ride with a club pass, while also applying other offers to save more.

How does Bounce club pass work?

Once a pass is purchased, your discount will be auto-applied on all rides till the validity of the pass, which is 1 month in most cases. The biggest benefit is that you can avail all existing discounts on top of your club discounts.

How long is the pass valid for?

All passes are valid for 1 month as of now.

Can I use discount codes with a Bounce club pass?

Yes, all existing, upcoming and new discounts can be availed over the discount that you get with your club pass.

How will I know whether or not Bounce club got applied on my ride?

Once your ride is confirmed, you can expand the “Fare Estimation” pop-up to see the auto-applied discount on your ride

Will Bounce club pass work on Hourly Rentals?

No Bounce club pass doesn’t apply to Hourly Rental service as of now.

When will I receive my free helmet for the Starter Pack?

Once you buy the Starter Pack, we will send you an SMS with a link to a form for collecting your postal address. After receiving this from your end, your helmet will reach you within 7 days.

Can I use the Bounce Wallet amount including the rewards point to buy a pass?

You can use your Bounce cash to buy a Bounce club pass but reward points cannot be used to make this purchase.

How do I know how many rides I have taken with the current pass?

The number of rides availed will be visible in the Bounce club section, once your pass is live.

Can I upgrade a pass during my current pass period?

No, but you can purchase another pass once your current pass expires

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